February 2023 Box

Here for the Green Beer!

No need to be pinched on this perfect drinking holiday, as this box comes filled with all the essentials to be included in any party – at home or away – this month’s appetizer is so delicious, your guests will ask for a straw to slurp it all up and the cocktail might just have you closer to the floor! 

The February 2023 Tipsy Pixie Box includes the following items:

  • Featured Cocktail: Irish Trash Can
  • Featured Appetizer: Guinness Dubliner Dip
  • Etched Glass Beer Can
  • Beer Flight Placemats
  • Travel Can/Bottle Opener
  • Leprechaun Brewing Company Bella-Canvas T-Shirt
  • Celtic Fringe Dangle Earrings
  • Bang Energy Drink
  • Beer Cheese Pretzels
  • and as always, custom stickers, Pixy Stix, hydration packs and more! 


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